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                BRAND SPREAD The pursuit of nature, comfort and elegance is the focus of violet brand products, Everyone has an artistic and intelligent dream, Violets create excellent products that meet comfort, elegance and natural life. Keep a good vision: "let everyone have violet products and enjoy a comfortable and healthy sleep."." It is people-oriented, constant adherence to the pursuit of natural comfort. MORE
                ABOUT VIOLET
                Violet Polytron Inc was founded in 1995,
                One of the earliest of home textile brands.
                contribute to social progress.
                COMPANY CULTURE
                comprehensive understanding of violet brand
                Corporate culture and the creativity of leaders
                And the spirit of excellence.

                VITAL SLEEP

                Healthy life, violet health trip
                PRODUCT DISPLAY Violet is well versed in the style of Italian fashion, inheriting the essence of Italian fashion, combining with Chinese characteristics of embroidery, and even to the beautiful violet image, perfectly displaying the modern new style of home life.

                Violet home textile brand market system is to implement the franchise mode, after more than 10 years of development, the current domestic sales network has reached more than 800.